Meet Your Maker - Playtest Opportunity: Your Feedback is a Game Changer!

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Hi Custodians, 

The Meet Your Maker team is committed to improving the game continuously. To achieve this, we need the feedback of players like you. If you self-identify as an active MYM player, our team would like to invite you to participate in our next remote playtest sessions on the week of June 5 and June 20. 

We are specifically looking for players located in the Canada & USA EST region to playtest unreleased content. You must own a PC and have a performant Internet connection (cable ideally). Controller players are welcome.  

If you are interested, please fill out this form.  

We will contact you if your profile is selected. 

The Meet Your Maker Team 


Pssst: If you got any question, do not hesitate to ask it in the comment below.   

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