See-through "Force Barrier Blocks"

MadameExotine Member Posts: 74

I wish BHVR would introduce "force barrier" blocks: completely see-through with maybe a slight flicker/hue. Functionally they'd act like any other blocks (ie come in cube, triangular wedge or skewed pyramid). HRV path can walk on them, and be blocked if in the way, And you can put traps on them.

They'd make the game feel more fresh by:

A) introducing Mindgames, like putting force barrier blocks to distract or show traps on other side, OR put them mid-air for sudden blockage (like birds flying into glass windows) for example. I am sure the community would find a whole slew of creative ways of using them.

B) To open up the aesthetic option of making outposts not always feel claustrophobic. Let in some outside light into bases, and make them look more "open space". Like the desert outside, for a post apocalyptic setting is quite pretty, and would love seeing it while I am inside an outpost. And I am sure future sector outposts would have their own environment flavor, that could illuminate inside an outpost with different vibes, if given this option.

note: I know there are those window-like blocks with red boarders that let you somewhat see through them in game, or the cage block that are semi transparent. But they still feel closed-off. I am talking about absolute see-through blocks (until maybe when they flicker or you get very close)

idk, I'd love to see something like that introduced in the game.