Defense deleted for splatters (missleading death tag)

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I have corrosive cube with splatter addon and if someone dies bc of splatters the tag says "defense deleted". As if there was a trap I removed or as if this kill is from prev version of the outpost (it's not).

Technically it is correct (I guess?), the splatter spot was deleted, yeah, but not by me. The corrosive cube is still there. It wasn't deleted in any way.

I'm not sure whether it should be bug report or feedback topic but looks like a bug: splatters are counted as smth separate from corrosive cubes - but, for instance, the game doesn't say "defense deleted" for bombs.

It's confusing. It should (at least) say that the raider was killed by corrosive cube. Or the game could specify: smth like "killed by splatter (defense deleted)" - and it could be unified with other deleted traps.

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