Allow us to layer 2x decals/props & more solid colors to create more visual diversity in outposts

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If building is a core component of MyM, then visual diversity should be encouraged so every outpost doesn’t look like a carbon copy of every other outpost you’ve ever raided. As it is, it’s more advantageous to use 100% concrete if you hope to keep your second wave traps a surprise. And if you want outposts that represent the best your game can be, they need to be free to use more colors, decal/prop/block combinations, etc. as follows:

One IMMEDIATE solution would be to add two dozen solid color decals to the game as a FREE update. Think of it as a box of 24 crayons, with which you can paint blocks, decals, and props to be different shades and have far greater visual diversity resulting in more unique looking outposts.

Add to that, the ability to layer the look of 2x decals/props/blocks. The game already shows the result of layering two decals whenever you have a decal selected and hover over a block with an existing decal (as shown below in the highlighted square, you can see a new geometric pattern formed by over-layering the same decal twice in the same spot).

To add to that, the ability to tint the existing blocks, decals and props with solid colors would result in much more unique looking outposts and more varied areas as you move through one. You could even layer 2x solid color decals to create secondary color blocks and props.

Fairly priced cosmetic block/decal/prop packs could help to fund continued support for the game if they’re FAIRLY PRICED and if the builders that purchase them can freely create outposts using the packs but raiders that have not purchased them will still see the intended design as if they had purchased the addon.

Ideally, I’d like this to apply to blocks, decals, AND props rather than just decals/props as there could be some really interesting looking blocks layered with two different Medieval Siege blocks or mix-and-match two different packs (I could see limiting the animated effect to one for performance reasons). Additionally, any block with a decal or prop is automatically known to be “safe” and it would be nice to decorate first wave entirely and have the decoration replaced by a trap in the second wave once the GenMat is collected.


Please add your thoughts below. The screenshots are from my “Victory Room” that you enter upon collecting the GenMat, where no second wave traps are triggered. You can see a Vault on the right wall lit up and using triangle decals to draw attention to it. And then there’s the cube-within-a-cube-within-a-cube lit up and with blue and white lines surrounding a second wave holocube as an easy exit after collecting the GenMat and Vault.

Rather than wasting a raider’s time searching every nook and cranny on the way back to the entrance, it was my experience that raiders seemed grateful for respecting their time and highlighting the Vault and HoloCube Exit and it got “Artistic” and “Ingenious” accolades as the top #2, in my opinion because this room was the last impression I left on them before they finished with my outpost.

I tried to make an artistic and fun adventure throughout the outpost rather than a low effort copy-pasted killbox and I think having more options to decorate our outposts with solid colors and layered decals/props would allow for some really stunning looking levels. The hardest thing to implement the 24 solid color decals would be deciding what shades to select. And as the game already displays layered decals by selecting a decal and hovering over a block with a decal already applied to it, it would seem the game is capable of displaying layered looks already and would just require the coding to make it a feature.

Thank you for your time.


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    I updated my base less than an hour ago and this is something i would love to have. I created a optional trap room for the FT and added the peace sign DBD decal. I then went over the room with hellscape blood blocks but it doesnt look as good with one block looking clean with graffiti. The worst part is it would look amazing if i could layer them.