[Community Showcase Stream] Fridays, 7:00EDT

Hey, there, custodians! My friend Steve and I have been doing a... Well, a community showcase stream, obviously, on Friday nights at 7:00 E.D.T. and weve been doing them more or less since launch over on YouTube:

We have assembled a pretty excellent community of creative, deadly, and emotionally supportive builders at this point, and whether you want to see some cool outposts, want to see your own builds played with live criticism/compliment (all delivered constructively, I assure you,) or just want to soak up the fellowship and good vibes, come check us out tonight if you have the time. I know it's kind of short notice, sorry.😔

If you'd like to submit an outpost (1/customer), we will happily take submissions mid-stream, but obviously it's in everyone's best interest if you submit beforehand so the stream doesn't become 50% spreadsheet editing😅. We're currently assembling presubmissions over at the unofficial MYM reddit, let me just find that link...

There we go. So, uhhh, yeah! That's it! We'd be tickled pink if some of y'all could show up and say hi! Oh, and I should say that Devs/Game Staff will obviously be given a free soapbox if they want to show up too. Or if you'd rather, we'll ignore you. Taster's choice on participation level. Point is, it's an open invitation if you'd like to reach our viewers for game stuff, or I guess revel as gods among your internet children as we play in the pain-filled, tile-based universe you have created. You, know, god stuff.