[Community Showcase Stream] Friday Nights, 7:00EDT

Shoe_Horn Member Posts: 4

Hi there, Custodians! My co-host and I over at Bork Yeah Games run a community showcase stream on Friday nights at 7:00 EDT till around midnight:

We are taking submissions(1/custodian, please!) through the unofficial MYM reddit right up until the start of the stream, and more details can be found there:

Sorry, official forums, we still love you, but it's already Friday and a bit late to do something new. We promise to accept submissions here starting next week.

Of course, we always accept outpost submissions mid-stream but I would personally prefer if you pre-submitted through the reddit link above. The paperwork is about 20x easier that way.

We split the VODs up into chapters by outpost and builder name so don't feel like you can't submit an outpost if you can't make the stream! We usually have that done by Monday-ish, so just pop in, check the chapters to see if you were chosen by the wheel, then pop right on over to your section to see how badly you destroyed us!

Come on down to see some truly exceptionally brilliant builds and some truly above average gameplay as we shower our contestants with compliments and sensitively delivered constructive criticism. Oh, and the community is very nice, also. Good people, good vibes, a game you love. What could be better?

To the forum Mods:

Sorry about posting what are essentially two identical copies of this post in both major forums. I'm honestly not sure where you'd rather have it and I only made this account, like, two hours ago 😅. My apologies for all the external hyperlinks you had to check. I appreciate you and the excruciating work you do to keep us all safe🙏.