Dreadshore looks awesome.

So pumped for the new dlc, the sentry beam looks like a solid edition.


  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 161

    I am very curious about the new weapon. Explosions!

    The ravager intrigues me. It looks to be about spreading fire, and I have a theory. The enforcers had a mod in the beta that allowed them to shoot a shotgun like effect of like 4-5 arrows in a little cluster. I wonder if they were testing that, then built a guard around it. Then again it could just be a wider arc attack so we'll find out soon.

    Even excited for the new color blocks. Outside of the busted wood DBD block and the base Red blocks, we don't have any dark colors. (Or GREEN, devs, GREEN).

  • Seraphor
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    edited June 21

    Came back just to check this out, but meh.

    Guard looks like an Enforcer, Trap fires one beam in a fixed direction? Blocks, props and decals are still all dark red... Only novel things looks like the weapon, but is that worth the price just for that?

    Has the exposure algorithm improved upon only giving you 1-4 raids per cycle yet? Or is it still too easy to acquire Synthite so that nobody is actually raiding?