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Hey Custodians,

In preparation for Sector 1: Dreadshore’s impending release on June 27th, we have just released a major patch update which includes multiple highly requested feature updates and bug fixes that will significantly improve your overall experience. Check out some of the highlights included in today’s update below:  


All Outposts can now be kept online forever! 

Level 10 Prestige outposts can now be kept alive indefinitely allowing them to stay in the rotation for as long as a player wishes to pay the Synthite cost. 


This new feature for the builders grants the kills even when players force-disconnect from the game. 

This will allow builders to gain alel the feedback, rewards and ranking for every kill they earn in all their outposts.  


We have given the Phoenix Pod consumable to every player and placed it into the default inventory with the grenade giving new players access from the first raid. We are also increasing the number of pods you can use in any given raid to 2 and we’re gifting everyone 25 free Pods. 

The phoenix pod is a manual checkpoint tool that helps players manage their time. Use of the Pod can dramatically cut down the amount of repetition in the game but without losing those kills for the builder. 

This is a gameplay feature to make the game more approachable for new players and allow more experienced players the confidence boost to complete more brutal outposts.” 


“This economy feature should help clear up some confusion and speed up earning of Synthite and Parts for all raiders. 

On the world map every Outpost raid you complete will now give you a guaranteed amount of Synthite or Parts when you escape as a reward. 

Of course, you earn more parts AND Synthite for all the stuff you destroy on the way but at least you’ll now be guaranteed a minimum for completion. 

If you’d like to see more of what was included in today’s massive update, please check out the full patch notes here: 

- The Meet Your Maker Team 

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