Any tips on getting Synthites?

I'm having a hard time getting Synthite after this update. I can't seem to get enough for some reason.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,289

    When you are looking at the mission possibilities you can see some missions guarantee a certain quantity of synthite upon completion. Just ignore all the maps that offer parts for reward. Then try to think about which ones that meet your synthite criteria you can complete the quickest. "Difficult" missions give like 60 synthite and Brutal give 75 I think. You also get 250 synthite when completing a map and 100 for Brutal Challenge maps. So really the key is in time management.

    For maximum synthite you want to bang out missions that reward synthite quickly and complete maps quickly. Also, if you have the resources and have the Traps advisor maxxed or near max then you also want to get the Traps advisor boost active while grinding. That 15% drop rate might not sound like much but it really adds up. You also want to have the Suit advisor boost active so you can pick and choose missions that are easy/quick to complete.

  • Polartest53
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    if you find a farm map you can also run it repeatedly. just farm it up to about 500 or more syinthite or whenever you hit the hard cap of only gaining 1 each time. leave the raid and do it again you will keep all xp and materials gained each time and can quickly grind out enough to keep 5 bases up

  • MadMoeZel
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    so your advice is to not play the game? every raid those farm maps get removes raiders from maps that people put time into building. so that synthite your farming to keep your maps live, yeah the raiders you'd see there are probably just doing farm maps too. farm maps hurt the game in the long run. they give players instant gratification and reward low effort builders.

    if you want synthite use your boost from the suit advisor, hunt down maps that are 150M or less that award synthite for completion, then run as fast as you can. you'll get more synthite from getting genmat for fast completion and hitting the button than you will get doing farm maps. you'll also get better at the game by actually playing it. then you'll end up going faster and faster.