Meleeing a Ravager Causes Game to Crash

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Not sure how prevalent this is with the Fury's Edge, but my game consistently crashes when I use the Sledgeblade against a Ravager. Midswing the game freezes and sends me back to the dashboard. I'm on Xbox series S.

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    SAWII Member Posts: 38

    Update: It happens Fury's Edge and Ravagers consistently too.

    SAWII Member Posts: 38

    Update 2: I might have over exaggerated the consistency at which this happens. Some maps I’ve crashed multiple times, others run fine. Perhaps some combination of decals, props, and/or traps or guards precipitates the crashes?

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    I have the same issue, on PS5. I had noticed that the game crashed after I encountered Ravagers, but I had not realized distance could be a factor (I play sword/shield, so everything happens at melee range).

    My current hypothesis is that the game crashes if I’m in melee range of a Ravager and if it is the first Ravager to shoot in the outpost.

    Edit: nope, that’s not it ¯\(°_o)/¯

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    I ve seen this problem too on PS4

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    Iv had it happen multiple times on pc I gave up on swords