Suicide bomber and Sniper guards?

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What if we had suicide bomber guard that run towards you at a fast speed and then they'll explode when they're close? They have no guns but satchel charges around their waist. They can shoot it unless they have an armor mod protecting it? Would that be cool?

What about a sniper guard that can shoot you from a long distance but takes time to wind up its shot? They do need to implement something to prevent spawn camping though.

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  • RaNdOmKiLs666
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    I mean the warmonger is basiaclly a suicide bomber if you equip DMS to him.

    Sniper Guard is just an enforcer with the vision range mod.

    So basically we already have what you're asking for in the form of mods.

  • MadMoeZel
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    you misunderstand. he wants a guard who's attack is to explode as in it charges it up while moving at you, not laying on the floor immobile. a sniper guard would be a guard that doesn't have arc on it's shot, longer base range and longer timer to fire/reload.

    neither dead mans switch, nor optic enforcers fill either of these roles.