A whole bunch of ideas

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Gust trap (non-lethal) -

|A trap that slowly blows the raider backwards reducing their speed

|Strength of gust depends on the distance between raider and trap

Boot trap (non-lethal) -

|A trap that kicks the raider away

|Strength of boot depends on the distance between raider and trap

Swinging Trap -

|A trap that swings in intervals

|Can only be placed vertically

Boulder -

|A trap that pumps out a giant boulder (Think of Indiana Jones)

|Destroyed by other traps

|Speed depends on incline

|Has 'perfect block' intervals - allows raider to destroy boulder if timed right

Mimic -

|A trap/block that mimics another trap.

|Cheaper than the trap it mimics

|Has a subtle hint of it being a mimic

|Doesnt damage raider if activated

|If destroyed it self destructs (mod)

Moving Platform -

|Can move vertical or horizontal

|Harvey can travel along it

|Allows for cool bases


Door -

|Requires a key to open

|Key can be placed anywhere 15 blocks from the door

|Key must be accessible to harvey

Landmine -

|Has a delay before exploding (Faster with mod)

|Only takes up 1/4 of a block (Can choose which corner)

|Guards and Traps can trigger the trap

|Subtle beep indicates its rough position


|5 block radius once activated

|Restricts grappling hook, defensive utility for 1 second (Extended with mods)

|Long charge up

Button -

|Can be paired with a trap

|Once activated it activated the paired trap

|Can be used for timed defenses

|Can be activated by Guards and Traps (Mod)

Barrier -

|A breakable wall that creates a breakable see-through barrier

|Can be paired with same trap to increase size

|Well paired with Button

|Harvey and Guards can pass through (Mod)

|Lasts a couple seconds (Extended with mod)

Naval Mine -

|Can only be placed in water


Colossal -

|A guard that takes up 4 blocks (2x2)

|Max 1 per outpost

|Slowly swings in a wide angle

|Have to destroy 2 points (one on each shoulder) to kill.

Spider -

|Can be placed on Ceilings and Walls

|Spits a venom-like substance that stays on the ground for a couple seconds

Chameleon -

|Goes invisible/camoflauges

|Once raider is nearby it appears and tries to melee raider

|Has a subtle sound queue while invisible

Hound (u/Kylestien)-

|Low cost

|Takes several hits to kill a raider

|Meant to be used as packs

|they take several hits to kill a raider, If in pack may kill in 1

|Looks less like a hound and more like some horririfc four legged abomination freak

Firestarter (u/Kylestien)-

|High Cost

|Has decent range flamethrower

|Can destory traps

|Cannot be armored

|Instead Gets a possible "Fuel Pack" perk that allows for longer lasting flame jets.

Beheamoth (u/Kylestien)-

|High cost

|A giant montrosity that takes up a 7x7 area and requires a 17x17 room.

|Takes several hits, attacks are slowest in game but have range

|Can use more then one attack type at once

|Can charge given a sightline/runline

|Has several different slots for armoring areas eg head

|The back cannot be armored, and armor cost escalates with each armor piece

|One armor piece on the head? Pretty cheap. Armor everywhere except the back? Gonna need a lot of capacity mate.


Decoy -

|Raider sends out a decoy which fakes out traps

|Dies in one hit

|2 capacity

Powerups (Used by builders to spice things up, could be traps):

Speed -

|Self explanatory

Slow -

|Self explanatory

Gravitum -

|Reverses gravity and makes the raider walk on the ceiling or wall (Depending on placement)

|Can be used to make unique bases or to try to kill the raider

Extra Life -

|For nice builders ;)


Water -

|Raider can swim in it

|Limited traps can be placed inside

|Limited guards can be placed inside

|Guards can shoot through it from outside if spotted


  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 161

    Things like the hound (several attacks to kill the raider) and the behemoth (several hits to kill) is something they won't do becaues they have specified they want everything to be 1 hit kills. It keeps things simple, means you don't have to keep HP in mind.

    That said other things aren't bad.

    Some ideas:

    Assassin. They can stick to walls and ceilings. They don't make noises when inactive, and when they notice the raider, they don't make a noise or trigger that visual cue. They move towards the raider to melee, and when they are about to attack they make a noise and a visual notification.

    Acrobat. When they see the raider they start moving around randomly--jumping or grappling around, then when stop and begin an attack sequence, whether that's ranged or melee. The point is that they're harder to hit until they are revving up their attack.

  • FateEncoded
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    This is really thought out and while they have stated they wanted things to be 1 shot, they have the corrosive cubes so who knows.

  • eyedeeoneohtee
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    Dozer: A melee guard that charges towards the raider at high speed. Pretty much the Charger from Left 4 Dead 2.

    Overseer: A flying guard that has no offensive abilities and will try to flee if it sees a raider, but what it can do is repair traps and revive other guards. Priority target for obvious reasons.

  • Dreamnomad
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    That is a long list of stuff. I wouldn't mind a number of those things but some are concerning. I have misgivings about things like teleporters or platforms. Either seem rather abusable. I feel the same way about barriers or doors. That would just further enable killboxes. And it's unfortunate too because a good builder could do some really fun things with those traps. But let's be honest here. Most players would just abuse it.

  • eyedeeoneohtee
    eyedeeoneohtee Member Posts: 20

    The real problem with keys is that they force the player to backtrack, but most players will have already cleared the path on their way to the key, so backtracking along that path adds no challenge and just wastes their time.

    The only way I could see it working would be if you could place multiple doors and a control panel, and destroying the control panel would open every door in the outpost simultaneously. That way you have to destroy the panel to open the door to the genmat, but you also have to deal with the traps and guards hidden behind all the other doors on the way back to it.