Kill ratio is calculated wrong

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Currently when someone quits after dying one time the kill ratio of the base goes down significantly.

Currently it is:

Amount of succesfully and unsuccesfully raids divided by kills = kill ratio

And it should be:

Amount of succesfully raids divided by kills of succesfully and unsuccesfully raids.

Why does this matter? Eventually this game will get leaderboards because the players want to be challanged by the best maps.


  • eyedeeoneohtee
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    You're looking at it the wrong way. As a builder your goal is to get as many kills as possible, and that means not only killing the raider, but also keeping them engaged enough to try again after five or ten deaths. The system is designed to reward outposts that are made to be interesting over outposts that are just made to be efficient.

  • Beflap
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    I somewhat agree but players’ interests and skills vary. I personally like to raid a hard base and build an outpost for experienced players. But that is a different debate. The calculation of the kill ratio is still wrong.

  • MadMoeZel
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    Ahh, the mighty Beflap. i've been looking to meet you. i've reun several of your maps. good builds.

    the current system counts kills compared to attempts and disregards if the raid was successful or not. that is what it's displaying.