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Sorry if my explanation is a bit confusing. I've noticed at random times my controller acts like it loses connection. If I look left/right it's like the controller input drops and it keeps moving in that direction until the connection is reestablished.

I have a decent understanding how fps games handle online play. Your console gets user input, transmits the position changes to the server, all connected players get that input update. Servers need to guess a few frames since latency can't update in real-time, so you end up with latency of ghost inputs or rubber banding as the expected vs actual inputs are error adjusted. Different games handle the error handling differently, so lag can appear different. I would think this game locally downloads a map, records the player movements for the replay, uploads the replay with map data and player positioning, so no real time interaction with the server.

Tl;dr- I would think this game shouldn't have network lag resulting in input delays.

The other thought I had was the Bluetooth/wireless controller connection transfer stream gets flooded and backed up causing input delays. When the issue happens I'll try to turn off the controller, wait a minute, turn it back on. The issue goes away sometimes for a little bit, but almost always returns. If I restart my ps5 the issue seems to not return.

The last thought I had is that the issue might be related to the ps5 performance issues reported in other bug reports. I've noticed ps5 has memory utilization issues. Playing Ark survival evolved, in large bases, my game would start rendering at like 1fps if I moved around a lot. Being mostly in the same area it would perform normally. I would have to frequently restart the game which seemed to clear the memory and allow normal performance for awhile. When meet your maker gets the same decreased performance, restarting the app fixes that delay same as ARK.

Troubleshooting steps taken:

- 2nd controller = issue still happens.

- switched to another game while input lag was happening = not present in other games.

- hard reset of ps5 controller = issue still occurs.

- delete controller profile on ps5 and register again = issue still occurs.

- hardwired ps5 to 7ms 500mbps upload/500mbps download connection with dmz full whitelisted network traffic = issue still occurs.

I'm normally pretty good at troubleshooting, but ran out of things to try and wondering if it's a game related bug rather than a hardware issue.

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  • poisonouschimp
    poisonouschimp Member Posts: 7

    As an update, I think it might be video/framerate related. I managed to capture what is happening on video https://youtu.be/nWGmSsNAoJw. Once I start looking left/right, I keep doing the exact same movement inputs trying to look at the border of the cube. Randomly it will float further than it should, where my 30° rotation suddenly goes to like a 90° rotation.

    The outpost is called Broomall with builder smushsmush101. I am in the entrance of the base below all the traps.

    I tried to switch my video settings to favor resolution instead of favor performance and it became nearly unplayable the lag was so bad, but the floating loss of control didn't change too much.