Meet Your Maker - Synthite Boost Weekend

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There’s no better time to step into the wasteland and rack up a ton of Synthite than in our 3rd Synthite Boost Weekend.  

From Friday, September 29th (1pm EST) to Monday, October 2nd (1pm EST), Synthite rewards earned from successfully completing Raids will be TRIPLED! That’s right, earn 3 times the base amount of Synthite for each Raid that grants a base reward of Synthite. The increased Synthite rewards for each Outpost difficulty will be as follows:  

  • Normal: 135 Synthite 
  • Dangerous: 180 Synthite 
  • Brutal: 225 Synthite 
  • Champion (All difficulties): 300 Synthite  

Be advised that this boost only increases the base Synthite rewards for completing Raids, which are viewable through the Raid Menu in the Command Center. All other Synthite gains will remain at their base values.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and reap the rewards!  

- The Meet Your Maker Team 

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