Idea of making more of a defense for your outpost.

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This idea came to me today.

I know we can make our guards on patrols and such...but what if we could control them during a raid on our outpost. Now someone might've come up with this already but if it could be a possibility it might make our outposts harder to rob and the game sticking to pvp/pve orientation. Now we can swap and switch to guards to control but if they all die...then guess we'll rely on the rest of our traps to take out the custodian raiding.

I can see some issues with this but it could be a step of making this game popular. But this is just an idea. But I'm glad you guys fixed the grenades and a few other things. But one thing forsure thoe is to keep the custodians agile and quick.


  • Hodderfodder
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    On the AMA someone asked about an INVASION mode where a builder could drop in and defend their base from a raider in real time.

    The devs said they love the idea, but it's a long time in coming because other things need to be added to the game first to support that.

    The first step in that direction would be adding the ability for a builder to spectate a raid in progress.