New Trap Request - negative and positive cubes

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It could be a mod to corrosive cube or a separate trap. The cubes would be green and red translucent like corrosive cubes.

Green Cube:

- after passing through, for 4 seconds, velocity is doubled.

- Doubled movement speed, double jump height, double distance left/right/forward/back movement inputs.

- Projectiles would travel double their speed, so boltshots, plasma balls, minion projectiles, etc.

Red Cube:

- after passing through, for 4 seconds, velocity is halved.

- Half movement speed, half normal jump height, half normal movement inputs.

- Projectiles would travel at half normal speed, like passing through jelly.

Both cubes:

- effects stack, so 2/4/8/16x and 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16x.

- duration of effect is applied independently, not stacking. Run through 4 green cubes over 2 seconds, each effect would wear off 1/2 second after each other. 16x would last for 2 seconds, 8x for 2.5s, 4x for 3s, 2x for 4 seconds.

- arc shield acts as an effect immunity/cleanse. Flash barrier deployed inside green/red will nullify the effects while barrier is active.

Note: I'm not great at math, so the numbers might be slightly off. The cubes can act as a benefit or detriment depending how the builder/raider uses them. Uncontrollable speed running, or moving like stuck in glue. Probably more balancing would be needed, but hopefully this explains the idea well enough to be considered.

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