Minor Building QoL requests

Hodderfodder Member Posts: 161

While there are bigger things being prioritized right now, a few small changes would make the building experience a bit nicer.

Ability to mute tomb and guard sounds

When raiding these are important indicators, but as a builder when you are spending a lot of time on top of these elements the sound effects get really obnoxious. Before the Dreadshore update, you could go into a test and destroy the tomb, then return to build and it would be silent until you loaded out of the map. That's gone.

Separate the T light prop and the signage stripe decals from block packs.

We can only have 5 deco packs active on any map. I am guessing this is due to limitations with Unreal Engine's ability to load textures etc. However, the community has adopted the T light prop, and the yellow trail signage to indicate tombs. If you do that however, you're picking a one of the 5 packs that those decorations are associated with. It would be nice if they were separated from packs so that we could use them without selecting the pack itself.