Holocube & HRV

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Second wave excluded, as it stands, the HRV walks around the holocube which is fine. But if the holocube has masquerade enabled which states "The holocube acts like a normal block around guards, preventing them from passing through the hologram." If that's the case, it would be nice if the HRV could do the same when masquerade is active as long as there is still an active valid path when it's tripped which would be determined in the build state as it is now..


  • MadMoeZel
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    HRV path validity is only calculated once. he will take the shortest walkable path at all times. but his valid path calculation never changes regardless of where he ends up walking. also, masquerade is currently not functioning the way it says it does. if it behaved like a normal block it would allow guards and HRV to walk on top of it, it does not do so. a guard actually WON'T walk on to the top of a masquerade block, he stops at the edge of it. guards will drop into acid, but won't walk on top of a masquerade holo. and if you have them fall into it, they pass through the block as if it wasn't there.