What do you think of the survey?

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If you haven't taken the survey yet, you can find it here: https://forums.bhvr.com/Meet-Your-Maker/discussion/383853/meet-your-maker-sector-1-dreadshore-player-survey#latest

I thought some of the questions were interesting. They obviously are interested in how the balance of the new content is perceived. They also seemed interested in the balance of flame traps and arc shield. I took the opportunity to pitch some of my ideas and asked them to visit their own forums once in a blue moon. What were your observations or comments about the survey?


  • Polartest53
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    i made a long ass additional comments re-iterating on the community's issues from steam.

    i thought some of the questions where odd like "do you feel like you get better as you use the new gun suit and arc barrier" OFC people get better as they use something i even said that too about that part lol

    most of the questions seemed to be based around the new content and advertisement of the game as well as raider, builder balance. and the impact of the new traps plus how people feel about them as well as the plasma sentinel changes and warmongers for some reason. i assume because of flamewalker. and how satisfied we are with the new content. thats just wat i can remember right now.

  • MadMoeZel
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    they finally are asking about trap activation speed. i'm hoping for a 25% faster activation speed.