What is the counter to 2nd Wave Plasma Sentinel self-destruct spam at Genmat?

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Besides somehow knowing ahead of time to carry a phoenix pod?

Arc Barrier invulnerability doesn't last long enough.

Flash Barrier doesn't block it.


  • Polartest53
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    is leaving the room not an option?

    you could use the cannon to set off the arcbarriers perfect block bonus extending its time while destroying the trap along with how long in actually takes to die from it can might maybe work.

    can also destroy just one spot run around for a bit until its burned off. also standing on the gen mat with barrier can work as well just destroy one side at a time it doesnt cover the whole blocks around it just about half and there cant be one on top or to the side.

    best way i can explain it is your on the gen mat as soon as you can destroy one do it. then go to the opposite end arc barrier the shot from that side by the time the arc is out of shield juice should be able to destroy the other side and move into the spot thats now safe and use a flash shield there and the go to town on the rest of the turrets that are threats.

    but yeah best option is to just run and if its a long hallway make a safe spot in the hallway from the outside using the flash shield because its probably covered from out there and once the safe spot is made should be smooth sailing from there to destroy everything.

    there is always a way but im just guessing on the rooms layout. that plays a big part on what to do. my suggestions work if its super tight. if its more open then running around and returning to spots that become safe is also a good strategy. also assuming turrets are the only trap

  • HellDiguner
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    • Cheese it with Arc Shield
    • Grapple/run away before they activate
    • Kill them fast enough to make yourself a safe space by the time other traps fully activate
    • Phoenix Pod (beware, they can be destroyed by damage)
    • Remote, delayed Phoenix Pod with the bubble shield trick (no, I will not elaborate)

  • Dreamnomad
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    You could always avoid it in the first place. If you keep the suit boost active when picking missions, just avoid raiding outposts when plasma sentinels are one of the top two used traps. Which is good advice in general.

  • MadMoeZel
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    there is a hard counter to all self-destructing plasma, feel free to check my vods ;)