How much Synthite/Parts do you want?

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How many raids do you do in a day?

What difficulty of raid are they?

How many times do you die doing it?

How much synthite/parts do you receive?

How much do you want to get for that amount of effort?


  • Dreamnomad
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    Instead of answering each question individually, I'll just describe my process which should answer your questions. I treat synthite basically the same way I treat money. I have an arbitrary number I pick that I don't like to go below so I feel safe. Previously that number was 10,000 synthite. Since they had the triple synthite weekend, I grinded quite a bit and now that number is 50,000. Anyway, I play enough to earn the synthite I want to buy new outposts or keep my current outposts active. But at the end of the day, I'm generally close to where I started. I've never really counted the amount of synthite that I spend, but it's quite a bit, especially on weekends. On weekdays I generally keep around 3 outposts active on average. On weekends, I keep 5 outposts active and will routinely prestige them early to get new raiders.

    As far as what I raid, I generally stick to brutal and dangerous. Once a month or so I might slum it and do some normal missions. I almost exclusively do raids that guarantee synthite rewards. I try to focus on outposts that don't look like they are going to be a time sink and am generally successful in that regard. I'm pretty sure my average raid time is well under 5 minutes. I also don't die that much. Most raids are completed with 2 or less deaths. As far as how much I would like to earn, I would make it so the daily reward for logging in is 1000 synthite and I would double the guaranteed synthite rewards for difficult and brutal. Normal can stay where it is.