Rewards should be focused less on kills and more on how entertaining an outpost was

HellDiguner Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

It is important to tune reward systems in a way that aligns with desired player behavior in any game, but this is particularly critical in a game that relies on user-generated content because a misalignment will cause users to generate undesirable content, and an overabundance of non-fun content directly hurts a game's playerbase in a vicious cycle.

In games that rely on user-generated content, you really DON'T want to position creators and consumers as adversaries against each other, because both sides will quickly optimize the fun out of your game.

Right now, MYM primarily rewards kills, so builders are strongly encouraged to make killboxes. But killboxes aren't fun for raiders.

Outposts which instead focus on providing fun and unique encounters in an aesthetically-pleasing map are not being rewarded enough.