Info on Roadmap/upcoming update

Hodderfodder Member Posts: 161

Over on Reddit, Brandon the Campaign Manager made a post in a thread asking where the current roadmap. He said:

"Just wanted to address some of the questions about the roadmap that we promised back around the Sector 1: Dreadshore release. The team is still squeezing some good stuff into the roadmap, so it's going to be a little bit longer until we can show it to all of you.

What we can share with you is that we've been working hard on a mid-sector update between now and Sector 2, which is currently in the testing phase. It's currently planned for an August 15th release. Be on the lookout for a reveal of this update closer to the release!

We on the community team are looking into a few ways that we can tease some of what's to come before the reveal on our social media pages. :)"

In a second comment he clarified that August 15th is the between-sector update, NOT the release date of Sector 2.