Suit Boost Should Be Basekit

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I've been thinking about this and I think one of the problems this game has is new players going into outposts blind and getting frustrated. The cost of the suit boost is trivial once you get some stuff unlocked but newer players are going to focus their resources on upgrades. So this leaves you in a situation where old players who got their stuff find the resource cost on suit boost trivial but the players that could really benefit from the bonus are likely not to use it. So just get rid of it altogether. Give players the info for free and make the suit give a new bonus instead.


  • Chordyceps
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    I'm not sure I agree that boost should be basekit. A decent chunk of a base's kills can come from the raider not knowing what they're up against. Knowing exactly what loadout to start off with can be pretty valuable intel to avoid dying so I think it's fair that some resources need to be allocated to getting it, even if that resource becomes plentiful later on.

  • Dreamnomad
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    But who gets punished by the current system? It's not me. I'm at 100,000 cells and have literally nothing to spend them on except suit and trap boosts which are virtually immediately refunded to me. So that valuable information that you mention is for all intents and purposes free to me. So who actually cares about that 100 cells? New players. Their boosts last for a more limited time and constantly paying for the boost delays precious unlocks. Now the truth is that using the boost will actually help earn cells faster thus paying for itself and then some. But that is counter-intuitive.

    This game can be very frustrating starting out. I was incredibly close to straight up quitting this game forever after the first day of playing it. You want to know why? Because after painfully grinding for enough synthite to get an outpost, I wasn't happy with my outpost for one reason or another. So I tried resetting the base and wound up deleting it. I was seriously upset that I didn't get any synthite refunded to me and my outpost was gone forever. Earning synthite when you are just starting and you are doing normal missions and at the time there was no guaranteed synthite reward, was really time consuming.

    I think a lot of effort needs to go into early player retention. Get rid of those points of frustration early on. I think new players should start with like 1500 for each resource. Let them get a free upgrade or unlock or two and a free outpost. Likewise, I think something that is so trivial late in the game shouldn't be a point of contention starting out. Like you said, that information is valuable. But it is not obvious or intuitive to new players to use boosts. Thus they get into raids they have no business getting into, getting frustrated early on and quitting without really giving the game a chance.

  • MadMoeZel
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    if suits boost was to be made static, i'd vote it was changed to give less information.

    rough distance (short, medium long)

    Guard / trap density ( light, medium, heavy)

    Completion rate (low, medium, high)

    Kill rate (low, medium, high)

    but giving specifics for free is too cherry pick. a general idea should be good enough to choose the genre of content you like without getting tons of intel. then make the suit boost give specifics.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Why? Why should less information be available then is currently available? That doesn't make sense. Once you've played for any length of time this information is already essentially free. Let me reiterate my point. We as a community want new players to stick around. That means making things less frustrating. Taking away things players already have access to is the definition of frustrating. "Tricking" players into raiding a map they would find frustrating by denying them information is frustrating.