Surely Im Not The Only One To Not Hear Anything About This Game In Weeks...

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,205

Look at MYM's Forums, it is basically a barren wasteland compared to the amount of threads being made in DBD's Forums.

It seems like are not really talking about MYM as much as before, which is expected, however I think this extends beyond just the Forums.

I dont really see many videos on the MYM, there is not much content involving this game, which is surprising because the game itself has infinite room for content.

I think the issue is the lack of marketing towards this game, I think Ive only seen 2 ads when Sector 1 came out, and I never saw anything else after that.

I want to MYM succeed, and Im sure Im not the only one to feel this way, just Idk, it doesnt feel like enough is being done.