MYM is currently destroying its self with bad price structure/markerting

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Would really like to talk to the devs about the self sabotage they are engaged in.

I really like the game and would like to see it still exist by the end of the year.

For starters the core game needs to be viewed as a "base kit", and it needs to be MUCH cheaper so it can pull in players and gain a much needed revenue stream from DLC packs. UMC games are VERY expandable and thus much easier to monetize than other games.

30$ USD for the base game it literally just pay walling the game off from it's own revenue streams (players). The core game also needs to be finished, a 4th shape minimum (inside wedge) and the current decal sets need to be complete. For example, adding burn patterns for the entire block face to go with the edge burn decal. props are actually fine.

DLC needs to be broken apart into smaller packages like block DLC, cosmetic suit DLC, decal DLC, prop DLC, etc.. The bulk package 15$ dlc packages are not great. they just flat out sell less as they ensure the player is paying for things they do not want and thus will ultimately choose to not buy.

The HUD need improvements and clarity would go A LONG WAYS to help players understand the game experience, etc.. Would a dev be interested in taking some direct feedback?

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