There needs to be an incentive to build good looking outposts

The_Todd Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 6

And it's not accolades. 😅

Right now 95% of all bases look like crap. I think it is also in the interest of the devs, that this game looks presentable (youtubers, streamers etc.) and not like someone vomited some minecraft blocks all over the place.

I draw this conclusion from all the released trailers that show exclusively cool designed bases with lots of space, verticality and beautiful interior as well as exterior.

The reasons why we do not see much of this stuff in the actual game is manifold:

  1. Accolades don't do anything to help a builder. They increase prestige, yes, but it's nearly impossible to not prestige a base anyways. Also - prestiging just speeds up the death process of a base (recently toned down because bases are still usable after level 10). Prestiging increases build capacity, but that only is useful for brutal bases. For anything below you probably reached the maximum of usable traps already.
  2. Using blocks simply for decoration directly reduces my ability to build traps. Especially on brutal. If I want to build an efficient base (as in: creates lots of kills) I simply can not afford too much "beauty".
  3. The randomness of getting a proper building site is just jarring. It's just there to artificially enhance playtime / grinding and a very cheap mechanic. There is basically no reason at all to claim a building site with anything lower then max building capacity and max Genmat (longivity). The synthite you can save by buying a cheaper but less optimal option is just not worth it in the end.
  4. Build options are a very limited. I get that the reason we can only use X sets per base is due to performance reasons, but often times I find myself selecting sets just because of the props it brings. Decals are free overall, why not props?

Here are some solutions I can think of:

  1. incentivise builders who put effort into their bases. Create more accolades and make them actually DO something.
  2. Separate decorative costs from trap costs. Normal, Dangerous and Brutal bases could have a fix amount of building material you can only use for traps. Decorative blocks should be free.
  3. Remove the randomness and just offer the max capacity, max Genmat sites or incentivise the less attractive options way more
  4. Please enhance the usage of sets (8 would be nice) and make props freely usable independent of the sets someone uses.

Feel free to add your ideas how to incentivise builders to build nicer looking bases. :)


  • eyedeeoneohtee
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    I'd really like to see some space-filling props, not just stuff that goes on surfaces. It would be nice to have something to fill up empty spaces even if it doesn't do anything.

  • Dreamnomad
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    I agree whole-heartedly. I just had a thought on this. What if raiders could spend cells to gift synthite to builders? I'm sure many players are in the same position I am, in that I'm capped out on cells with nothing to spend them on. I would gladly spend 200 cells on a well designed base if the builder would get 100 synthite. This would give builders more incentive to make outposts raiders actually enjoy and give builders less of a reason to worry about kills. Everyone wins.

  • The_Todd
    The_Todd Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 6