Ravager changes are bad

RaNdOmKiLs666 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 23

Ravagers were pretty well balanced and interesting before and now they're don't serve any kind of a purpose and lost their uniqueness.

I quite liked how they had a horizontal spread on their weapon, but that's lost now and there's only a pointless round spread that is basically the same as the enforcers shot anyway.

Their projectiles phasing out of existence doesn't make any sort of sense, how can solid matter go away like that? It simply doesn't.

The attack speed nerf wasn't warranted, their fire rates seemed pretty fair to me.

The only change that doesn't really bother me is making their view range the same as an enforcer, that's the only sensible change, the others are nonsensical and need to be reverted.

So please listen to me and revert the problematic changes to the Ravager.


  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 139

    Yeah, it is also unexpected, although in the partnered discord there were many saying that Ravager were too good, which is weird because I also thought that they were well-balanced.

    Now I also think that there are some other things that people are mad about like the capacity "balance" is truly annoying.

    And then we have the death of grapple deflect which is by no means really game-breaking but we still have to deal with the 0m bug? Huuuh

  • loughtthenot
    loughtthenot Member Posts: 5

    I agree... this was more than a nerf it was a rework. In their current state there is no reason to use Ravagers. Warmongers are better at chasing down raiders and enforcers dont have their shots phase from existence for no reason. I hope we at least get back the spread shot as it was the thing that made ravagers unique and interesting to face, now they're just objectively worse enforcers

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,289

    I post my opinions on the topic in general discussion, but yeah, I agree with what is being said here. Ravagers were completely nuetered. Keep the shorter range. That's fine. Make is shorter if you want. But make Ravagers deadly at the short to mid range. Bring back the shorter engage time. Increase the spread. If you walk around a corner and a Ravager is there then you should need to react quickly or get a shotgun blast to the face. They really are just bad Enforcers now.

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,289

    I don't think it's so much that they "phase out of existence" as they just lose lethality after a certain distance. But for the sake of clarity they make it so it looks like they "phase out". Can you imagine the confusion of raiders if after a certain a distance the bolts just bounced off them but there wasn't any visual indication as to why sometimes the bolts kill and sometimes they don't?