Error Code when opening a base

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It says:

" Error Code

You will return to the Sanctuary"

Apparently when opening a new map it doesn't happen, I've also tried with the same new just opened map, with all stripped and nothing inside.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. This problem has already been reported and it's currently under review.


  • Cyba_Zero
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    Same here, annoyingly with my current work-in-progress base (Brinkley, dreadshore location, also the first to make use of the new dreadshore blocks). I was able to open my old complete bases fine (all pre-Dreadshore aside from some recent laser additions) to tweak trap mods for the new capacity cost changes though, plus my testing ground map and a couple of empty sites (including a dreadshore location one).

  • Chordyceps
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    I've been having this issue too. It comes at a particularly bad time since I'm trying to get a screenshot for the Pantheon of Builders

  • Chordyceps
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    Turns out it doesnt just apply to opening your own bases, it applies to trying to do a raid too. Hope they fix this soon, it's making the game basically unplayable.

  • Cyba_Zero
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    According to the Reddit thread it's something to do with the season 0 rank decals. I do have some in my WIP base that won't load, so it follows.

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