Meet Your Maker - Hotfix Patch Notes - 8/18/2023

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Greetings, Custodians!  

We have just released a hotfix patch which features some bug fixes and stability improvements. For a full breakdown, please see the patch notes below:  


  • We have fixed an issue which prevented players from entering Outposts equipped with the Sector 0 Ranking Reward decals.  
  • Fixed an issue where Outposts aren’t removed from the Raid Map when completed as a Social Raid.  
  • Fixed an issue where a white square is visible when opening the Chimera Project for the first time in a session or the host loads into a session. 
  • Multiple title crash fixes.  

For status updates on ongoing known issues, please refer to our Known Issues Board here:    

Synthite Boost Weekend:  

To celebrate the release of our mid-sector update, Rising Tides, we thought it’d be a great time to host our 2nd Synthite Boost Weekend!

From Friday, August 18th at 1pm EST to Monday, August 21st at 3pm EST, Synthite rewards earned from successfully completing Raids will be TRIPLED! That’s right, earn 3 times the base amount of Synthite for each Raid that grants a base reward of Synthite.

The increased Synthite rewards for each Outpost difficulty will be as follows:   

  • Normal: 135 Synthite  
  • Dangerous: 180 Synthite  
  • Brutal: 225 Synthite  
  • Champion (All difficulties): 300 Synthite   

Be advised that this boost only increases the base Synthite rewards for completing Raids, which are viewable through the Raid Menu in the Command Center. All other Synthite gains will remain at their base values. 

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and reap the rewards!  

- The Meet Your Maker Team 

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