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Saw on the news page the Hotfix had released, had been three days not being able to load into any of my outposts so i tried loading into one of my normal bases, all good it loaded me in, sweet as tits i thought, until i opened the build menu to check out the new decals.

I opened the build menu, selected the green decal and started waving it around on blocks to see the colour, i did not apply it to any blocks just hovered it around, closed the build menu and now my Normal base is at Dangerous rating, i did not add or remove anything, simply opened build menu selected a decal to view it then closed the build menu, and now my base is rated Dangerous.

I tried removing multiple traps along with their mods and also guards to drop the danger rating, but had to remove so much to get it back to Normal it totally gimped my base, that was built specifically to be a Normal base and took loads of tweaking/balancing and time to keep it at Normal rating.

Was no issue with the danger rating at all prior to the mid sector update/hotfix, had even added a couple of traps with mods before the update and it stayed at normal, removing those newer traps alone had no effect on the Dangerous rating at all either.

Also tried swapping out an enforcer for a ravager on another Normal rated base and it too went from normal rating to dagerous despite both enforcer and ravager having the same build costs, now that base is also stuck at Dangerous rating even after deleting that particular guard all together 8(

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Also just a quick idea, is it possible to add some kind of danger rating meter into the build interface that indicates the threshhold between danger ratings while building when adding traps and guards?

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  • MadameExotine
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    Yes. After the decal bug fix today, I went in to touch up a "dangerous" base. Removed 3 guards and 6 traps; and re-added 1 of said traps and my base suddenly became "brutal"! I removed the trap, it's still "brutal". Removed more and more traps, until it got back to "Dangerous" again,.. but at this point I've removed so much that it felt like this new "dangerous" rating is at what an outpost's normal rating would usually have been.

    So I stripped ALL the traps, and ALL the guards. And started putting in traps to see when it trips over to "normal" minimal defence base. It took ONLY 3 traps!!!!

    Here is the video (I go over all the traps/guards icons to show there are 0 in the base):


  • MadMoeZel
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    not a bug, danger rating rework. i'd be willing to gamble the maps in question had lasers in use. they seem to have reworked laser's difficulty calculation IMMENSELY.

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    Nah lasers not the issue, 4 out my 5 active maps had no lasers at all, i think its something to do with traps along Harveys path to the genmat.

    For example few days ago i made a new map, meduim size and intended to be another normal base, it turned out as dangerous so i thought meh ok it is what it is, put it out there and got some raids, went in to prestige it and tried adding 3 traps outside away from the base, status didnt change so tried placcing those traps inside, simply a couple of corrosive cubes and an impaler, placed them and it turned to brutal, placement of the corrosive cubes were adjacent to the path and the impaler off the path.

    Another example ive started another Large base, with a giant Punisher skull as the front, paths down into a large open arena to battle some guards, i placed 5 guards around the room off of the path and one Plasma trap way up high and its already at Dangerous rating, im not even quarter way into building and its rooted already 8(

    Hope next update the danger rating gets some tweaking as what ever has changed in the last patch is making it far too restrictive now especially when placing traps along the path to the Genmat, which is where they are meant to be for the most part, raiders raid and follow the path to the genmat, not really an issue if the base is intended to be Brutal, but its become ridiculous for making normal/dangerous bases now.