Game Difficulties are out of wack and builders keep getting nerfed

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Builders keep getting nerfed, patch after patch (look at the Ravager, it's completely worthless to use now). There was also some pointless capacity changes for some mods, which didn't seem needed. Plasma sentinel got nerfed for the 3rd or 4th time, which didn't seem needed either.

But my main issue with the balance is to do with the base ratings.

In the mid-sector update the devs fixed some difficulty bugs, which has inadvertently made it impossible to make good normal and dangerous Outposts, you can't put hardly any traps or guards in without the rating going up. All of my normal outposts became dangerous and all my dangerous outposts became brutal, even though they're clearly no where near what I'd class as dangerous or brutal.

And no I'm not talking about the plasma spam or laser spam bases, i'm talking about just regular bases, not ones that were spamming one trap or trying to exploit the difficulty in some way.

If you go raid my base called "Rudd" (it's on social, my steam user is the same as here) you'll see the game counts it as being brutal despite the fact that it's no where near brutal and I even removed a load of the traps and a couple guards to try and get it back down to dangerous, but that doesn't work, so the base is effectively ruined due to nerfing the difficulties so much. Did I mention it has a 3 KD?

The difficulty rating currently massively over-values traps placed on the harvester path, this should not be the case. The difficulty ratings of traps over paths seem to be double or triple the danger rating of the trap, which is way too much. It makes it impossible to build decent normal and dangerous bases because the difficulty ratings are far too strict now. And you can't just not place traps in the raiders way.

It's a massive balancing issue ever since some of the difficulty bugs were fixed. There's basically no point in trying to make normal and dangerous bases since it's near impossible to make decent ones now with how restricted you are in danger rating. may as well only buy large plots of land and make brutal bases on them now. That's how I feel about the bad danger balancing which came from these "fixes".


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    Can't agree more man the danger rating system needs to change.

    Also had all of my active Normal & Hard rated bases increase in rating.

    Didnt play for three days once the update dropped coz of the decal bug, finally able to load into bases to reactivate them, first base the rating went to hard rating from me simply previewing one of the new decals & i didnt even apply it just hovered it over some blocks to see the new colour, i spent almost 2 hours stuffing around removing/re-adding traps and guards to try get the base back to its normal rating but doing that completely screwed the base, gave up on it out of frustration.

    Loaded into the other 4 bases that i had active to reactivate them, loaded in to see the rating how it should be, open menu to re-activate them and the rating increased instantly with out me even moving from the spawn point, simply opened the menu to navigate to the re-activate menu and the rating increased for no reason.

    Gave up on those bases as well now, i had spent a hell of alot of time fiddling around with trap/guard placements/configurations and testing whilst building them, now they all gimped and i dont have the patience anymore to try reconfigure them to get them back to their intended rating, they were specifically built to be normal/dangerous bases with more emphasis in being artistic/themed builds, not proficient killers.

    Not happy to say the least.

  • MadMoeZel
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    loaded into my map for the first time in weeks. it WAS dangerous

    it had over 3000 capacity at dangerous. i've removed things down to 2300 and i'm STILL BRUTAL. what the absolute ######### behavior?

  • MadMoeZel
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    this is what it took to get to dangerous

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 667

    here is another one that did the same thing. silverado. 4380 capacity. WAS a dangerous, is now a brutal.

    will post what it took to get down to dangerous again.

  • MadMoeZel
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    fire trap behind me

    here are the before pictures

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 667

    here is the after

    760 capacity lost, 2 plasma sentinels, 2 death pistons, an incinerator, and 5 lasers.

  • Polartest53
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    yeah its a bit ridiculous now. glad your guys normals just went up a tier all my normals went starlight to brutal but not all my dangerous maps went into brutal lol? my dangerous maps have more capacity then the ones that use to be normal. but yeah the normals with like 25 traps 5 guards most of which are just cosmetic/ theme traps that can be completely ignored so its more like 10 reaps and 4 guards with one guarding the tomb on a side path. but thats just way to much for a normal player to handle i guess.

    like i always say im sure the whole difficulty rating system is broken as all hell thats why we cant be shown how it works because it just doesnt. all the exploits and loopholes and missing functions would be free to exploit if we could see them.