What's the point?

Baron_Samedi Member Posts: 3

Once you have bought most of the equipment that's suits your particular gaming style there is little need for parts or GenMat for that matter.

I mean is the Chimera ever going to finally evolve? Of course not, that would technically mean the end of the game. That is if you are sticking to the storyline.

Synthite is another matter though. It's pretty much the main thing you need. And yet there is so little of it. I have an outpost running at 8.1 kills per raid and I struggle to get enough synthite to keep it running. I'm more of a builder than a raider but I raid because I have to. I also work for a living and can't put in the hours to raid whereas I can, over time, build a decent outpost and enjoy watching people getting mullered by it.

Please recognise that your very good game attracts two types of player, the murderous Minecraft builder types and the 'I can defeat any trap you throw at me' type. The builders need the tools to make better traps for the raiders as much as the raiders need the builders to have the tools to challenge them. If like me, you look at an expended outpost with dread and think 'Crap, I have to raid now to get enough synthite to prestige' then sooner or later you are going to lose your builders and your outposts with it. The raiders, with no new outposts, will follow shortly after.

Please lean into both builders and raiders by increasing the synthite drop or just increase reward for kills. And please design a plotline that gets rid of the Chimera. I mean we all know that it's never going to evolve completely at this rate so why not add some novelty and prove me wrong by having it evolve and then having to continue raiding and building because of some plot twist.

I love your game but it's becoming a grind due to the lack of Synthite especially when everyone has 10,000 parts and GenMat just sitting there. It has become painfully obvious that synthite is holding your game back.


  • Baron_Samedi
    Baron_Samedi Member Posts: 3

    Just entered my outpost to collect my 'reward' for my outpost killing raiders 57 time over about 6 attempts. Got the princely sum of 205 synthite for it. FFS really isn't worth the effort. The games is so flawed it's unplayable.

    SAWII Member Posts: 38

    If you could get all the synth you needed from building, would you raid? If you’re not raiding, why would other people? If no one is raiding, then what are you building for? It’s selfish to want people to raid your bases without doing the same. The game isn’t flawed, it’s designed that way.

  • MadMoeZel
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    I build because i like to make challenge content. i raid because i'm competitive. i hate seeing people cheese a base i build by pulling ammo through walls, or dragging guards to map edge so they can't retaliate while being picked off. but i'll use every trick in the book myself to raid. it comes down to expectations. i expect that people will run a map the way i want if i prevent any other way. i also expect that if i prevent people from ammo ratting, or dragging guards, that they'll just not play my map. but in the end, it wasn't made for them. you need to set your own goal in this game to have fun, but then again, thats coming from someone who has absolutely 0 care about the storyline, i've ignored chimera for ages. i don't even hit the redeem button. i've been currency maxed for a while and i pretty much just hang around to help struggling streamers with outposts they're having trouble with so that we can show people that every base is possible with enough persistence, patience, and knowledge.

    I play to build challenging content, to be a strong player, and to pass that knowledge on so that the next wave of players is even stronger.

    why do you play?