Meet Your Maker - Sector 1 Ranked Rewards

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Greetings Custodians,  

In the wasteland, a fiery ambition ignites every Builder and Raider, driving them to conquer challenges and ascend the ladder of success. Builders challenge their creativity into crafting ingenious deathtraps, strategically positioned to obliterate unsuspecting Raiders. Raiders approach these perilous trails with calculated precision, meticulously dissecting their constructs in their pursuit for Genetic Material. Amidst this contest of wits and strategy, legends are born, and the spoils of rewards await those who rise to the challenge.  

And now, as the Rising Tides begin to settle on Dreadshore, it's time for the grand reveal of our Sector 1 Ranked Rewards.  

Ranked rewards in Meet Your Maker are granted on four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master. You enter the ranking system once you hit Player Level 5, and from there, the sky’s the limit. Finishing the season with a rank of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Master will earn you the corresponding decal as well as the decals from lower tiers. These shiny, intricately designed cosmetics can be placed above an Outpost’s entrance or anywhere else within its walls as a not-so-subtle reminder to Raiders of who they’re up against. 

We’ve fine-tuned the colours and sharpened the designs in the Sector 1 Ranked Reward decals, ensuring a more seamless differentiation between tiers – where Gold gleams brilliantly and Masters exudes a radiant, captivating emissive glow!  

Ranked Rewards also include two Raider cosmetics. Those earning a rank of Silver or higher will receive the Misfortune skin for the Volt Lancer, while those earning a rank of Gold or higher will also receive the Stormforce skin for the Kamataichi Custodian. 

All rewards boast a Dreadshore theme and will be instantly granted once Sector 2: Shattered Peak releases and the next season begins. Until then, build like an evil genius, raid like there’s no tomorrow, and lock up those bragging rights while you can! 

-The Meet Your Maker Team 

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