Improvement Ideas

OutlawMammal Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Saw blade trap

  • Fires 2 saw blades along the ground, wall or ceiling half block coverage


  • Ricochet (blades bounce of one slant wall)
  • Speed (faster travel speed)
  • Spider climb (change 1 surface direction)
  • Eagle Eye ( Detection range increase)

Treadmill Floor trap


  • Over drive(Faster speed)
  • Direction Changes(switches back and forth directions)

Spring board trap

  • Semi hidden panel that bounces players 3 blocks)


  • Bouncy(launches player extra 2 blocks)
  • Tricky(Bombs can trigger this and launch farther)
  • Elevator(Extends slowly working as a elevator works for pathfinding harvester)

3-4 player Co-op

  • 2 tiers maps for 3-4 players 31x 31 capacity 5000 to 6000 and 37x37 capacity 6500 to 8000

Co-op base

  • Clan base shared base(exp. , resources)
  • Clan leader can grant permissions to members for which maps they can build on(or some kind of permissions list the map buyer can change)