Bolts that land outside Map

MadameExotine Member Posts: 64
edited August 28 in Feedback

There have been a number of times where an outpost has guards outside a base entrance at the start. Shooting these guards (specially hornets) means any missed bolts could land outside the map. Then the raider will have to spend a good 2-5 minutes walking around the fringes of map (near static effects) searching for bolts. The blue flicker of bolts are also very hard to see in the outside map areas.

Could we make the flicker effect of bolts that land outside the map (unbuild-able areas) super bright, or some other effect to highlight where they've landed. There is literally no gameplay outside the map area, so spending time trying to find bolts tends to so tedious that I often quit out and move on to next base,.. which isn't fair to builder either.