unwarranted ravager nerfs

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some of my own feedback on recent nerfs. mainly raid but i do build some map.

main tldr; is ravager nerfs were too much. points adjustments kinda suck most of the time and why is difficulty rating system so broken but glad to see support for the game still. sorry if feedback is mostly negative but thats just how i feel about the recent changes. i do really like this game tho

i get some of the nerfs to the ravager kinda make sense i think they wanted to stop the whole carpet bombing of areas. but these nerfs man why so many at once targeting the ravagers identity? its lost all functionality as a close range guard. has no spread shots dont even spread out over distance. takes just as long as an enforcer to shoot but needs to close the distance much more and still cant see very well sometimes just not targeting the raider at all. the distance nerfs were all that i can see as really making any sense but in reality 7-8 blocks was probably the highest average distance anyone used them at anyway so no change there really.

the ravager has become just a neutered enforcer now but has more expensive mods and a wider stance thats easier to shoot. why remove all spread from a shotgun guard? why reduce the firerate if its ment to be close range? why remove its identity and place it closer to the role of an enforcer rather then hone in on its close range functions? is there future plans for this unit is this a pre-nerf to a buff like with the shield? maybe change the spread pattern to a wide cone with a random placement of shots within the cone reduce the range to 4-5 blocks change the projectile so it makes sense why it vanishes after a short distance and restore the fire rate to what it use to be or increase it. is just one way to do it im sure there more ways to balance it that wouldnt take very long to think up rather then ripping the ravager apart.

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