MyM is Too Easy - Change My Mind

So, I'll jump straight to the chase. I keep making bases and no one ever dies, no matter how clever my trap combos. I've got death coming non-stop from every angle and no matter what happens the raider always, always, just barely sneaks out alive. Not only that, it's poor Harvey who always comes up short!! Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


  • MadameExotine
    MadameExotine Member Posts: 64

    Wow, that was an entertaining watch! Whole different level of skill game wasn't ready for! 😛

  • Fugue_State
    Fugue_State Member Posts: 9

    @MadameExotine glad you enjoyed it! I'm already working on a new version that'll put this one to shame. at about 1:35 in the video there's this section that is complete chaos. My hope is to have that level of chaos through the entire next version non-stop.

  • WeaverReaver42
    WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 179

    This was amazing to watch!

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,291

    After reading the text, I thought you were serious. But yeah, I've seen a few of the auto claw maps now and they can be pretty dang clever. I'm waiting for one to just dump me in acid. I wouldn't even be mad honestly.

  • Leonardo1ita
    Leonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,099

    Wow, this is really amazing!

  • ThugMoustache
    ThugMoustache Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    That's sooooo crazy. I haven't played one of these yet D: