Game Physics And FPS - A Suggestion For BHVR

Fugue_State Member Posts: 9

Howdy folks at BHVR! First off, I love your game and I'm always looking to build new and fun experiences for players, from challenging to relaxed. I love building auto-claw maps that pull the raider through hazards and create near-death experiences to keep them on the edge of their seat throughout (see my recent reddit post, and associated video demoing the map). I've created three of these maps now, and they are an absolute blast to create and even more fun to share with the community and see and hear reactions to these.

However, it seems like game physics is linked in some ways to players' fps. Depending upon fps, the game functions minutely differently from system to system, which is even more noticeable when going cross-platform. As a result, this leads to variation in how traps perform (which makes it so many people can't experience maps like this as intended).

Reworking the physics engine is an insane ask, and I have no intention of requesting that. However, something many games offer and one that is a much smaller lift, with other benefits as well (beyond my own use case), is a game setting that can be turned on/off that caps FPS at various limits (such as one at 60, to match console users). I'm sure many people could benefit from this with lower end systems or when trying to limit resource usage, and this would also open up more options for consistent performance.

Whether or not you implement something like this, I just want to say thank you for creating such an incredible game and I look forward to seeing what you and the community create going forwards.