Tip The Builder/Raider

Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,291

So it is no secret that once you've unlocked everything, cells have no real purpose (besides advisor boosts which is insignificant). Why not make it so that players can spend cells to tip great builders or raiders? The way I would do it is to make it so players can tip in increments of 200 cells to a maximum of 5 times (or 1000 cells for those bad at math). The receiving player gains half that amount in the corresponding resource. Synthite for builders or parts for raiders.

This would serve a number of different and important functions. It would act as a resource sink for cells. It would allow players to reward other players in a meaningful way beyond accolades. It would inspire builders to build better outposts and raiders to not quit or play an outpost in a way that the builder doesn't intend. I would gladly tip great builders for making great outposts or raiders for hanging in there and not giving up on hard outposts.

I would also make is so players can't donate cells if it would put them below 10,000 cells so that new players that still need to unlock stuff don't spend cells on accident. Everyone wins if they implement such a system.