Sector 2 Information Revealed!

Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,291

New Suit - Overseer

Ability #1 - Allows player to glide after jumping.

Ability #2 - Allows player to see HRV trail. (lol, bye bye mazes)

Ability #3 - Allows player to see Forsaken tombs and resources.

New Guard - Assassin

Guard is predator style invisible until it attacks. Guard takes no fall damage so builders can have them ambush from creative routes. Guard attacks with medium length horizontal dash attack.


  • Leonardo1ita
    Leonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,099

    I'm so excited for this update, especially for the new guard!!!!

    I REALLY hope that, if it's what I think, it won't be like the Ravager, where they just nerf it/him and just make it/them a worse/ twins of the enforcer.