The community is VERY solid and affectionated, how do we make Meet Your Maker grow?

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The Meet Your Maker community, on Twitch and on the 2 Discords, is VERY affectionated, solid, warming, full of ideas and different types of maps. Despite being 2 different roles such as raider and builder, there isn't such "rivalry" as there is in Dead by Daylight, because someone is ± forced or incentivised to raid or build at some point to earn Synthite, Parts, and Cells (at the beginning).

On Twitch almost the same people always met, so on Discord, how do we make it grow?

Marketing apart, I think that for the game itself we need more possibilities (angles variety) and map capacity to make impossible bases for those who want a really tough challenge, and a new difficulty system for new players, like the one coming.

What about the community itself, what can we do? I think even small discussions on YouTube or other channels keep the flow of the game going, but I have another idea:

On Twitch, we try to organise is a way that there is always at least 1 streamer streaming in English Meet Your Maker on Twitch at all times of the day (raiding the other one substituting the role) , maybe even 1 on YouTube ( but I don't think it's necessary). That streamer needs to have the chat open to all possible people.

That would keep a ± passive and active content watchable for the game for new players, bases to make raid on social for veterans, and the chance to interact with someone at all times!


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    While twitch is a good start, youtube is also a good place to post videos (much like otzdarva does rarely). The more content is made for the game, the more people will be aware of the content that can be created from the game. People want to create, we just have to show them this is a place that will let them do that. Behavior keeps us updated on what's happening in the game, now we need to update the internet on how excited we are for it. Hype begets hype, after all.