Interesting uses for Grand Sacrifice??

I was playing recently with this mid sector add on for the Cannonback and I am trying to find creative uses for this interesting feature, any suggestions or recommendations??


  • Dreamnomad
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    I do actually have an idea that I haven't seen anyone do and I haven't tried myself yet. But I'll throw it out there and you're welcome to try it if you want. My idea is to have a super limited movement area for the raider such as a "V" shape with plasma cube ceiling. Then have one tile missing from the ceiling with a holo cube raised above it. Normally in this situation the raider is worried about a bomb trap or something (which is very effective, especially if it is at max height with eagle eye since the raider will have a difficult time in that situation getting an angle to shoot it before bombs drop).

    Anyway, instead I'd have a cannonback sitting on top of the holocube but the holocube has the masquerade mod which makes it act as a normal block for guards so the guard won't fall through. The cannonback will have both the dead man's switch as well as grand sacrifice augment on it. When the raider either passes or breaks the holo cube then the cannonback drops down next to the raider. Now the raider is stuck in a very limited movement situation next to a cannonback that is trying to explode next to them. If they shoot the cannonback then it's dead man switch activates. Either way the cannonback explodes in a cramped corridor surrounded by plasma cubes. If the explosion doesn't kill the raider then hopefully they will panic run away into the acid.