Not How You Use Content Trickle

DuskTheViking Member Posts: 16

Content trickle is an excellent tool for keeping current players engaged, and bringing back previous players

It is an absolutely useless tool for recruiting new players, and is not a substitute for making a genuinely fun and engaging experience. In a "You Make The Content" style game, having a lot of building resources is key to the genuinely fun part. You cant rely solely on marketing hooks & strategies when making a successful ongoing multiplayer game.

A large player base grows a game through "word of mouth", and content creators can massively accelerate "word of mouth" growth and can also help keep players engaged. Content creators are useless for growing a game that can't already stand on its own.

Meet Your Maker has essentially content trickled its self to death by not having enough content up front during the launch window. This was made worse by the dramatic over pricing for the "base kit" game. I think at this point Meet Your Maker could go free to play and it would still struggle to gather new players. That's not a suggestion to go free to play, just a statement about the current state of things.

Meet Your Maker at its core is a really good game, it has a chance for big success IMO. But it needs fairly large changes and should not stay on it's current path. Also some changes to the game its self would help.


  • MadMoeZel
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    biggest thing is we need new block shapes and new ways to impliment traps. give us small triangular boltshots that only fire one bolt and can be put on a block face that isn't a full square, give us rounded surfaces or walls with holes/slots, give us doors, trap doors, tripwires, pressure plates, give us elevators, we need more tools.