Wesker Eyelashes Visible While Using Shadowborn (S.T.A.R.S)

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Wesker's eyelashes are visible when breaking a pallet/picking up a survivor.

Step 1 : Boot the game.

Step 2 : Play as The Mastermind in a public match (while using the S.T.A.R.S Skin).

Step 3 : In-game, pick up a survivor or break a pallet.

Additional information

  • Character played -> Wesker / The Mastermind (Albert Wesker S.T.A.R.S)
  • Perks played -> Shadowborn.
  • Map -> Seen on any Map.
  • Frequency of the issue -> Always While Using Shadowborn.
  • also Knife Animation after picking up a Survivor is weird. (knife is not in the hand for a few frames at the end of the animation)

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