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As we prepare to ascend the Shattered Peak tomorrow, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible adventures, new content, quality-of-life improvements, and our first-ever mid-sector update that made Sector 1: Dreadshore unforgettable.  

We also wanted to shine some light on the results of our recent Player Pulse survey, the Pantheon of Builders and our community.  

Without further ado, lets dive into our recap of Sector 1: Dreadshore! 

New Content & Features:   

Our Sector 1: Dreadshore update ushered in a slew of exciting new content and features which not only expand your deadly arsenal, but also further enhance your experience such as:   

  • Endless Outpost Activation: All Outposts can now be infinitely activated after reaching Prestige 10, for a Synthite cost.  
  • An all-New Environment - Dreadshore: A rainy, seaside Outpost Environment with battered shipwrecks and an ominous lighthouse beacon that shines bright, cutting through the fog and gloom. 
  • A new Arsenal Pack featuring a new Trap, Guard, Weapon and Custodian Suit. 
  • The Tempest Cove Deco Pack featuring 2 Building Blocks, 2 Props, 1 Animated Prop and 8 decals.  

Our first ever mid-sector update, Rising Tides, saw the addition of multiple exciting new gameplay elements such as: 

  • Daily Challenges: We introduced an all-new Daily Challenges system for raiders. Replacing the Chimera Tribute system, these daily challenges give Raiders a steady stream of exciting tasks to complete and are rewarded for doing so.  
  • Always Social Outposts: All Outposts that are set to Active or Overdrive are now also available via Social Mode, allowing Builders to share their creations without losing the benefit of keeping them Active.  
  • 5 new Mods and Augments 
  • The Rising Tides Paint Kit featuring 3 new decals 

For a full breakdown of all the new content, features, quality-of-life improvements, balancing changes and more, please refer to our patch notes:  

 The Pantheon of Builders:   

Our community’s creativity never ceases to amaze us. From elaborate labyrinths and stunning pieces of art to unforgiving death traps, our community’s creativity knows no bounds, and we want to celebrate that. One of the ways we found we could do that is through the Pantheon of Builders, which is a growing collection of some of the finest creations made by the community that Meet Your Maker has to offer, curated by our dev team. 

 Each Builder who enters the Pantheon will be granted an exclusive “Pantheon’s Seal” decal.

 Since we have started this initiative, we've received over 600 Outpost submissions. 10 incredible Builders have entered the Pantheon of Builders, and many more will be added every few weeks. Check out the first 2 selection rounds via the blogposts below: 

Each of these awe-inspiring Outposts can be found in-game by entering “PoB” (case sensitive) in the Outpost name search bar via the Social Raid Menu.  

For more information on how you can submit your Outposts for a chance to enter the Pantheon of Builders, check out the Submission Guidelines!  

 Player Pulse Survey Results 

Back in July, we held our 2nd Player Pulse survey to check in with all of you; we asked questions about various gameplay elements, progression, difficulty and more, to get a feel on where we’re at, and where we’d like to be. Here’s a recap of some of the results:  

Respondents: 1,671 

Builder/Raider Breakdown:  

  • Prefer Building: 40% 
  • Prefer Raiding: 23% 
  • Prefer Both: 37% 

Top Player Concerns:  

  • Grinding Synthite to maintain Outposts is tedious. 
  • Game progression doesn’t feel rewarding enough. 
  • It’s still too difficult to choose an Outpost that aligns with players’ skill levels.  
  • Lack of variety in terms of unlockable items.  
  • The Sentry Beam is too slow to be potent enough to kill Raiders.  
  • The Plasma Sentinel is perceived to be unfair. 

 Top Player Positives  

  • Building Outposts for others to play is a highlight for many players.  
  • Meet Your Maker has very unique core gameplay loop which players appreciate.  
  • The game features a large variety of creative and challenging Outposts.  
  • Players find inspiration for their Outposts by Raiding other player's Outposts.
  • Players are satisfied with the quality of bug fixes and the communications surrounding them, but slightly less satisfied with the frequency of them.  

 Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey, as it helps inform us on what the community would like to see. Many of the concerns flagged here were echoed in many of the discussions we’ve seen throughout the community.  

 Next Steps:  

Grinding Synthite to maintain Outposts is tedious. 

In our Sector 1 update, we added guaranteed Synthite and Parts rewards to Raiding to create a more dependable source of these currencies. The new Daily Challenges reward system also grants bonus Synthite with gives players an additional way to earn this coveted currency. 

We also began holding occasional Synthite Boost Weekends, which triples the Synthite earned from base Outpost completion rewards. We plan to host our next Synthite Boost Weekend starting on September 29th!  

Our upcoming Expeditions mode will also provide more unique Synthite rewards and supply Raids more evenly.

Game progression doesn’t feel rewarding enough. 

With the release of our Mid-Sector update, we’re looking to bring a lot more purpose to the game’s raiding experience, which will also feature a rewarding progression path. We’ll go into this in a bit more detail later on in this blogpost.  

It’s still too difficult to choose an Outpost that aligns with players’ skill levels.  

Our Sector 2: Shattered Peak update is going to bring an overhaul to the difficulty system which will make it easier for Raiders to choose the kind of Outposts they want to play. We’ll be supplementing the categories of Normal, Hard and Brutal with a 10-point difficulty scale symbolized by skulls. The more skulls you see, the deadlier the Outpost.  

We’ll be collecting data in the background, fine-tune the system and let initial skull rating stabilize. Come our Mid-Sector update, we’ll be launching a dynamic Outpost difficulty system that will adapt to factors such as the level of Raiders and amount of deaths per Raider will be considered as the difficulty score gradually adjusts. The more you Raid, the more accurate our difficulty system will be.

Lack of variety in terms of unlockable items.  

With the release of Sector 2: Shattered Peak, the game will receive 2 new unlockable gameplay elements, a new Custodian and a new Guard. Following that will be our mid-sector update which features Expeditions. This feature will completely change the way you interact with the game’s Raiding experience. This includes a whole new progression path with unlockable rewards, enhancements and more.  

Following the release of our mid-sector update, we’ll see the release of Sector 3: Codenamed “Acid”, which will see even more new content additions!  

The Sentry Beam is too slow to be potent enough to kill Raiders.  

In our Sector 2 update, we’re implementing some balancing changes which increases the Sentry Beam’s tracking speed and reduces the tracking duration. We’re also reducing the tracking duration and warning duration on the Burst Beam mod. 

These changes will ultimately make the Sentry Beam a much more efficient tool in your arsenal.

The Plasma Sentinel is perceived to be unfair. 

Throughout Sector 1, we’ve implemented balancing changes to address player feedback. Some of these changes include increases to the capacity cost as well as size and duration reductions of the Plasma Cloud Mod.  

In our Sector 2 update, we’ll also be reducing the Plasma Sentinel’s detection range and reload time. 

 Join the Community and Become Part of the Discussion! 

Meet Your Maker has a vibrant and inclusive community where every Custodian can be part of something incredible. We invite all our fellow Custodians to join our community and connect with others.  

Connect with us on social media to stay updated on latest news, share your achievements and be part of the conversation:  

 Join the Community Reddit:  

The community-run Reddit is an active hub full of lively discussions, game strategies, fan art and more. Join the subreddit and contribute to the great discussions!

 Join the Partnered Community Discord:  

We are thrilled to be officially partnered with the Meet Your Maker Community Discord. This is the perfect place to participate in Building and Raiding events, connect with fellow Custodians and take your experience in the wasteland to the next level. Join us here.

 What’s Next: 

Sector 1 has been a testament to our commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our players, but the work doesn’t stop there. The next few months of Meet Your Maker will bring in new Sectors, new game-changing features, new deadly tools and so much more. Check out our future roadmap for a breakdown of what is planned through to the end of 2023. 

Starting with Sector 2: Shattered Peak, Custodians will find themselves in the vast and unforgiving Arctic Wasteland, with new exciting content. Here is a snippet of what you could expect:   

Be on the lookout for a full breakdown of all the new content and features in tomorrow’s patch notes!  

Following the release of Sector 2 comes our 2nd mid-sector update featuring a brand-new way to engage with the game’s raiding experience, Expeditions. Expeditions aims to enhance the game’s Raiding experience and bring a greater sense of fun, purpose, and adventure, while also rewarding players. For a sneak peek at Expeditions, check out our recent dev stream featuring Lead Community Manager, Julia, Creative Director, Ash, and Game Designer, Inouk! 

As Sector 1 comes to a close, we are filled with gratitude for our player’s support and excitement. We look forward to seeing you up on the cold and frosty Shattered Peak when Sector 2 releases tomorrow!  

  -The Meet Your Maker Team 

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