BoltShot/SecondWave HoloCubes

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Just did a raid where at the GenMat there were multiple second wave holo cubes encasing the Genmat.

Upon walking ttoward the Gentmat passing the first Secon Wave Holo block a Boltshot with Hunter/Relentless mods triggered and as soon as i heard it i jumped up on top on the Second Wave Holo block adjacent to it, with a few hunter bolts just missing me and one bolt poking through the still Second Wave block it passed through of which the Boltshot that fired was behind.

As i walked onto the Genmat another Boltshot with Relentless triggered and proceeded to shoot its load into the Secondwave Holo block it was placed behind but not penetrating it at all before the Second wave Holo block could activate, but once it did activate and i triggered it, the Spent Boltshot was revealed.

Kinda like the Incinerator/Holocube/Corrosive cube bug, traps triggering through cubes they shouldnt be.

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