Outpost difficulty rework helpful, but still not enough. difficulty based rewards wanted

To give players a more accurate view of difficulty, we’ll be augmenting the standard Outpost categorizations of Normal, Dangerous and Brutal with a 10-point difficulty scale symbolized by skulls. The more skulls, you see, the deadlier the Outpost. 

We’re also planning for this updated difficulty system to have a dynamic component that assesses both the Raider and the Outpost to make the difficulty score a living, breathing rating that can rise or fall depending on Raider performance. Factors such as skill level of the Raider, number of times they died, and more will be considered as the Outpost difficulty score gradually adjusts.


So we are acknowledging that not all outposts are equally difficult in each bracket. so will you be rewarding players who do 5 skull raids more than players who do 4 skull or 4.5 skull raids? or are you just gonna encourage people to take on the easiest challenge in the brutal difficulty and reward them equally to if they'd done the hardest thing?