Tomb first mentality

Seeing a base be competely ignored while watching raiders go hunt exposed tombs just to quit the map after they die.

i didn't have the capacity to put 2nd wave holo blocks on them cause it was wave one. congrats. now they're sealed in.

raiders, you need to consider how your actions affect the builder. if you just ignore my outpost because of your greed for loot, i won't give the loot to you.

we make a trade, thats how this game works. i build you an outpost, i challenge your mind and your hands. you get dopamine and adrenaline and loot. i get dopamine, adrenaline, and entertainment.

if you fail to meet your side of the agreement as a raider, i have no reason to give you anything as a builder.

i'm not entitled to your raids, and you're not entitled to the loot inside them. so how about you stop disrespecting the people putting in effort to make you content before they take it away from you :)